Cyber Security - Canadian Nuclear Association

Cyber Security

The nuclear industry is aware of the potential threat that a cyber breach poses and has developed strong security safeguards in collaboration with numerous international organizations to ensure the safe and reliable operations of its power facilities. Need Proof?

1) Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) have implemented cyber security requirements including a cyber security defensive architecture. (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.)

2) It is vital that all nuclear facilities maintain an active and ongoing threat assessment, which is regularly briefed to management and operations. (International Atomic Energy Agency.)

3) Nuclear power plants have extensive regulations in place to ensure cyber security at all nuclear power plants. (Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information.)

Nuclear power plants are some of the best protected infrastructure systems. They are designed to be disconnected from the Internet and other networks, preventing a hacker from accessing plant operations or safety systems. Need Proof?

1) Nuclear power plants run on analog and are purposely not connected to the internet. (Forbes.)

2) The nuclear power industry is one of the most highly regulated and safest industries in the world. (Power Engineering.)

3) Canadian nuclear power plants have comprehensive cyber security programs in place. (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.)