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Low cost

The affordability and stability of nuclear power

Nuclear remains one of the most affordable sources of electricity worldwide. While nuclear generating stations require high upfront capital investment, their long life and low costs for fuel, operations and maintenance lead to low power costs in the long run.

In Ontario, only hydro has a lower cost per kilowatt–hour than nuclear does. Gas and wind are about twice as expensive as nuclear, and solar is more than six times as expensive.

The cost of nuclear power is also extremely stable due to the abundance of uranium in Canada, and the relatively small amount required to operate at full capacity. This is critically important for businesses – especially energy-intensive ones, such as manufacturing – who need stable prices if they are to make long-term investments in local economies. Moreover, businesses that operate at low margins, such as retailers, are vulnerable to sudden price fluctuations. Such  businesses either pass the price differences on to the consumer, which itself affects the economy, or go out of business, which affects the job market.