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Nuclear Knowledge Trivia

Nuclear power emits carbon dioxide (CO2) during operation, True or False?

Nuclear power does not emit any CO2 during operation. By using nuclear power, Canada avoids 80 million tonnes of CO2 from fossil fuel power generation. That’s the equivalent of taking 15 million cars off the road!


How much does nuclear power contribute to Canada’s electricity supply mix?

Nuclear power provides 15% of Canada’s electricity. It is the largest source of electricity after hydro power.


How many nuclear reactors are in operation in Canada?

There are 19 CANDU reactors in operation in Canada: eight at Bruce Power, six at Pickering, four at Darlington, and one at Point Lepreau.


Nuclear power plants emit dangerous amounts of radiation, True or False?

Nuclear power plants emit extremely small amounts of radiation. If you live within 75 km of a nuclear power plant, you receive an average radiation dose of about 0.0001 millisieverts per year. To put this in perspective, the average Canadian receives about 3 millisieverts per year from natural background sources of radiation.


Nuclear power produces a huge amount of waste, True or False?

Nuclear power produces an incredibly small amount of waste compared to other energy sources. In fact, all of Canada’s used fuel generated in the last 60 years could fit inside one soccer field stacked to the height of an average adult.


Canada has a solution for the disposal of nuclear waste, True or False?

Nuclear waste is currently being safely stored at the nuclear site where it was generated. Two initiatives are currently underway in Canada to find Deep Geologic Repositories (DGRs) for nuclear waste – one for low and intermediate-level waste and one for used fuel – where it will be safe and secure for many generations to come.


Nuclear power is expensive, True or False?

Nuclear power is one of the least expensive energy sources. In Ontario, it is second only to hydropower. Natural gas and wind are twice as expensive and solar is nearly ten times as expensive.


How many people does the Canadian nuclear industry employ, both directly and indirectly?

The nuclear industry employs 60,000 people across Canada. This includes miners, skilled trades people, engineers, technical specialists and more.


Which of the following accomplishments is thanks to nuclear technology?

Nuclear technology is used in almost every technical field across Canada.


What percentage of the world’s supply of Cobalt-60 is produced in Canada?

An incredible 70% of the world’s supply of Cobalt-60 is produced at Canada’s nuclear power plants. Cobalt-60 is a medical isotope used for radiation therapy treatments around the world. It is also used to sterilize medical equipment such as gowns, gloves, masks, syringes and implants.


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